Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Our office hours are:
Arizona: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

Our Pet Sitting and Dog Walking hours are:
Sunday – Saturday 365 days a year 7am – 8pm
Please note all service requests are processed during our office hours.

Are you insured and bonded?

We are! Every Pet Care Specialist at Paws & Claws is fully insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates

Will I get the same Pet Care Specialist every time?

We definitely do our best to schedule the same Pet Care Specialist every time; However, in the event they are not available one of our other Pet Care Specialist will cover the visit. You will receive the same service and visit report no matter who it is.

What is a Meet & Greet?

It is a 30-45 min house visit to go over details.

Our amazing, friendly, trained, pawfect pet lover will come to your home to meet you and your pets. Service will not be final until the meet & greet has been completed.

What services do you offer?

We offer pet sitting and dog walking.

What is included in your pet sitting?

Our pet sitting visits include feeding, playtime, brushes, medication administration, cuddles, enrichment, walks, poop pick up, kitty litter scooping.

What time will you arrive for the pet sitting visit?

Our pet sitting visits are broken up in three time blocks a day which are as follows;

We will arrive between the requested block of time.

  • Morning (between 7am – 10am)
  • Midday (between 11am – 2pm)
  • Evening (between 4pm – 8pm)

Up to 3 pet sitting visits a day can be requested.

What is included in your dog walks?

Our dog walks include just that, a dog walk. We focus on giving your dog physical exercise and mental stimulation by allowing them to sniff along the way.

Our professional dog walker will arrive to your home, leash up your pup and head out for their walk!

Contact free walks available!

What is a contact free walk?

We will contact you when we’re close so you can let your pup into the backyard to meet us or you can leash them up at the front door and we will hook on our own leashes and take them for their walk! Once we are back we will either let them back into the backyard or into the front door

What time will you arrive for a dog walk?

A dog walk can be requested in the following blocks of time;
We will arrive between the requested block of time.

  • Morning (between 7am – 10am)
  • Midday (between 11am – 2pm)
  • Evening (between 4pm – 8pm)

Who is a dog walk for?

A dog walk is best for those who work during the week. Whether it be going into the office or working from home!

We understand how busy your week is with trying to balance work, your family, your health and your pets. Before you know it the week is over and you didn’t get a chance to take your pup out for a walk, again.

Then the guilt sets in! Can you relate? No worries! Do yourself and your pup a favor and book a regular walk with one of our professional dog walkers.

How long do you stay for a visit or walk?

Great question! We are unique in that we do not base our visits on time but rather quality!

Our visits are un-timed. Wait…. What?!?

Yes, our visits are un-timed so this means if Kitty is scared, we will take that extra time to make her feel safe and comfortable. If Bleu is sad because his mom is away, we will sit on the floor and hand feed him.

Or, if it’s a particularly nice day out and your pup is really enjoying their walk, we may take an extra lap. On the other hand, if your pet decides to “redecorate your house” or has an accident we will be sure to spend the extra time to clean things up! No extra charge for our time!

See, we are more focused on your and your pets happiness versus the ticking on the clock.

How much does pet sitting or dog walking cost?

Our rates vary depending on your location. View our Services page for more information.

Do you offer overnight or live in pet sitting?

We do not offer overnight or live in pet sitting.

Do you offer boarding?

No, we do not offer boarding.

How will you have access into my home?

We strongly encourage all of our clients to keep a lockbox on their property with a key to the home. Another option is by using a door or garage keypad. If this option is used there must be a backup plan to get into the home if the keypad batteries were to die.

How will you update me on visits?

We will always keep you updated through your portal or via the Time To Pet app. You will receive a notification everytime our Pet Care Specialists arrive. Once the visit is completed you will receive a visit repost with a message and pictures. If it is a dog walk, you will also get GPS of their walk!

Do I need to create a profile in order to request services?

Yes. We require every client to register online in order to work with us. This allows us to provide the best possible care for you and your little ones.

*Additional policies are listed on the service agreement which is available in your account once you are registered.